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Why Would Your Patient Do Dentistry? Part Two

Part One of this post was posted by Mary Osborne on  Dec. 17.We can assume if they are in a dental office that they have some value for health.  Deeper questions flow from that assumption: What Read More


Why Would Your Patient Do Dentistry? Part One

By Mary OsborneIn dentistry we know the answer to why patients SHOULD do what we recommend. We frequently ask ourselves why they WON’T do the treatment we suggest. But the question I think we Read More


Anxious Patients, What Do You Do?

It's common knowledge that most patients do not look forward to dental work. On the other hand, it is a small number of patients who have significant fear or anxiety about dental care, the kind that Read More


What Are Your CARE, SKILL, and JUDGMENT Worth?

By Mary Osborne RDH I wrote recently about moving our conversations with patients away from insurance benefits, and into conversations about the benefits of health. While we cannot ignore the role Read More


Are You Talking About Benefits or Benefits?

Thanks Mary Osborne for the following post!! I’m tired of talking about insurance benefits. So much is being said today about “changes in health care,” but the conversation really tends to be more Read More


“Permanent” Restoration

Over the last few months in lectures and articles I have discussed the concept of managing patient expectations about the longevity of restorative dentistry. Multiple times during these conversations Read More

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I Don’t Want My Teeth To Look Like Crowns

I had the privilege today of working with a patient on a comprehensive esthetic exam with photographs. He has had significant wear on his lower centrals for years. In addition he has been watching his Read More


Staying In The Question: A Team Exercise

Last week I shared a post and video from Mary Osborne entitled "Staying In The Question" and talked about the value of improving our listening skills int he dental profession as a key to helping our Read More